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TLC Butterfly Effect Spa & Training offers Noninvasive Spa Training which includes the machine! Get online training with machines dropped shipped to your front door! Learn all about the industry like where do I find clients, products, machines and much more! Have questions? Give our corporate office a call 866-531-7169 Admissions Officers are waiting to help you launch your beauty business!

What you should know!

TLC Butterfly Effect Academy opened its doors Summer of 2014 the goal was simple: Help stimulate the beauty industry by offering affordable training to those seeking an opportunity to open a local chapter spa’s inside the Beauty, Health & Wellness Industry! The purpose is to help the United States struggling economy by exposing its citizens to a growing multi-billion-dollar industry for a very low start up cost.

Featured Courses

TLC Beauty Body Consultant "NT"

Price: $995

Cool Sculpting

Price: $1,995

Vacuum Therapy Technician

Price: $800

Teeth Whitener

Price: $675

Blood Borne Pathogen Certification

Price: $39


Price: $550

Spa Management Clinical Training

Price: $550

Getting Groupon
2 Work

Price: $295

Thermal Wrapping Technician

Price: $899

The Sports
Enhancer 2.0

Price: 4 payments of $625/month

Non Invasive
Client Forms

Price: $99

Cool Sculpting
Client Form

Price: $129

Teeth Whitening

Price: $99

The 6 Figure Master Spa Blue Print Journal

Price: $40

Girl You Need
A Coach!

Price: $89/month

Afilliate TLC Butterfly Spa Party & Beauty Consultant


Becoming Business

Price: $69/month

Enjoy the art of the Spa with

TLC Butterfly Effect Spa Academy