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TLC Butterfly Effect Spa & Academy

When TLC Butterfly Effect Academy opened its doors Summer of 2016 the goal was simple: Help stimulate the beauty industry by offering affordable training to those seeking an opportunity to open a local chapter spa’s inside the Beauty, Health & Wellness Industry!  The purpose is to help the United States struggling economy by exposing its citizens to a growing multi-billion-dollar industry for a very low start-up cost. 

Unlike many tech schools with over-inflated training costs ranging from $10,500 to $25,000 just for training to get a job as a lab tech $12 per hour $15,000.00 training, phlebotomy tech $10 per hour training $12,500.00, medical administration $13.50-hour $17,500.00 training. The Academy created a program for less than 75% of the cost for any of these training programs 14 today at these said technical schools.  Our goals are different we wanted not to start our students off in negative debt by loading student loans into their future while hoping to find an entry-level job inside the industry!

So, we took a closer looked at the cost of training programs today and we put together a comprehensive training program that offers not just training only but fundamental business set up training to include top non-invasive machines & training for less than 75% of what these traditional schools are charging just for training!  If you are accepted into a TLC training program you will not only receive training by our top industry trained business owners/instructors, but a full business rollout to include: training, machines, business infrastructure, marketing, hiring practices, and keys to your very own business location within 45-days or less for half the cost!  

Many of our students have opened their doors in under 60-days causing them to more than earn back their investment and or profit within 90 days or less!  Only in TLC Butterfly Effect Spa Academy does this happen daily for all students attending. Which is why you should call 866-531-7169 or click the link to start the admission process for our upcoming classes!

Our highly trained Instructors have years of experience in the Spa Industry and are ready to provide the highest level of education and support. Our training classes are small keeping the costs down. Small classes and more personal attention assure that every student leaves our training facility fully equipped to perform the procedures with confidence. Our training is very hands-on, and our mission for every student to walk out and feel comfortable doing their first client.

Our lifetime coach program that’s offered with every training course we provide, equips you with the assurance that there is always a professional willing to assist you with anything you may need.

Our online training program includes the machines, forms, covid-19 compliance training, and business set-up it’s all included with all online training.

Affordable, high quality, professional-grade machines include all consent forms and protocols are included for our online students, however, students can opt to pick machines up at the corporate office located at 3355 Lenox Road #790 Atlanta, GA 30326 please call 866-531-7169 kits and training manuals include all consent forms and protocols.

TLC Butterfly Effect Spa Training is the best spa certification course provider you can find. Our trained professionals will provide you with the tools to keep your spa trained and up to date with the newest technologies.

                                                                                     TLC Butterfly Effect Spa & Academy

                                                                                 3355 Lenox Road #790 Atlanta GA 30326

                                                                                 Email: tlcbutterflyeffectspa@gmail.com

                                                                                                   Office: 866-531-7169  

What Our Client Says

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I hated my smile my teeth never were white enough but after my treatments with Pretty Smile program with Coach Scott I just can’t stop smiling!

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I was so surprised to see such fast results 10 pounds in 2 weeks unbelievable I have struggled all my life with my weight!

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TLC Butterfly Effect is more than machines they are systems and processes! When I followed the system, I got the results!

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